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Learnt HTML
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Deployed a Backend System
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I was selected coordinator by my teammates of the Expotalento Virtual project for one year.

This project was a website created by a team member at that time (if you are reading this Juan Lovera, thank you so much for everything. You are awesome!) and it was promoted in campus to help students find internship and jobs. I was not able to accomplish all of the things I proposed (due to a lot of workload from college subjects) but that experience gave me understanding of the importance of having a better organization and to commit only with things I can deliver.

Also, it was the first time I was coding, maintaining and deploying code in a live production environment and it was AWESOME. It was a PHP website and I remember one of the tools I was using was Dreamweaver (oh god, those times).

In 2014, I made a promotional video for this website and if you have curiosity to watch how was the portal at that time, you can click here

Taught TypeScript
Taught a workshop
Gave an 8-hour workshop at kununu on the fundamentals of TypeScript, filled with practical exercises and direct conversations.

I am *exhausted* but happy.
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Learning HTML
I am excited to learn HTML and to develop this as a skill I can harness in the future!
Learnt JavaScript
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Learnt JavaScript
Telegram Bot
Learnt JavaScript
Introduction to ReactJS

Cancel requests with axios (practical example with React.js)